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FoxComm: Communications for Law, Emergency Management, and Fire in Calumet, Outa

Welcome to the FoxComm public website. We hope you find its contents helpful and informative.

Our Vision

Seamless, integrated public safety communications.

FoxComm is a regional partnership for public safety communications consisting of Calumet, Outagamie and Winnebago Counties located in Northeast Wisconsin. Over 25 law enforcement agencies, 57 fire, 29 EMS districts and three 9-1-1 communications centers are represented through our three-county consortium.

Our Mission

Our mission is to coordinate and support shared information and communications technologies so as to:

  • Enhance the safety of law enforcement, fire, rescue, emergency medical, and emergency management personnel, and the people they serve;
  • Expand cost effective benefits to its members and other agencies;
  • Create and maintain a plan for the expanding needs of the regional public safety agencies that fosters partnerships with surrounding entities; and
  • Facilitate the expansion of FoxComm services to other community and private sector entities.

Our Progress

The current systems provided by FoxComm are a shared computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system, automatic vehicle location (AVL) services, reporting tools, connection to mobile data computers within the law enforcement, fire and EMS vehicles, query tools to retrieve data on perpetrators from state and national databases and local records management systems (RMS) and standardization of equipment and procedures.

In March 2007, the FoxComm Fiscal Advisory Board made the decision to continue expanding communication services offered by FoxComm to include a common, shared voice and data radio system. After review by a private consultant and many public safety users, a 700 MHz digital trunked voice radio system was selected to meet the users’ mission critical voice communication requirements. With the support of the partnership counties, FoxComm facilitated the RFP process in mid-2011. Outagamie and Winnebago Counties are currently in the process of procuring a digital trunked radio system. A link to the RFP is available on this website.

In early 2010, FoxComm, on behalf of the Wisconsin Counties (Calumet, Outagamie, and Winnebago), filed an application with the FCC for a 700 MHz broadband waiver. In May 2010, Wisconsin Counties, along with twenty other applicants from across the nation, were issued conditional waivers allowing early build-out of the nationwide public safety broadband network. Implementation of a 700 MHz broadband system utilizing LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology will address current and future wireless broadband data needs of public safety agencies within the consortium. The interoperable network will also provide public safety users with a dedicated system not available from the commercial carriers.

On February 22, 2012, federal legislation was signed into law to ensure that a nationwide public safety broadband network becomes a reality. The law provides the spectrum, funding, and governance necessary to support the foundation of a nationwide interoperable network. FoxComm continues to participate in the network project to ensure that the local needs of public safety agencies are addressed.

In December 2010, LR Kimball was selected to determine the feasibility of consolidating the three county PSAPs (911 centers) within the FoxComm area. After the collection of a significant amount of data and information via various surveys, interviews, and focus group meetings, the consolidation feasibility study was presented to FoxComm and the respective county boards in mid-2011. Currently, the Counties’ leadership continue to discuss funding, governance and other related items associated with a consolidated PSAP. A link to the PSAP consolidation feasibility study is available on this website.

Finally, FoxComm is in the midst of upgrading to Motorola’s Premier One (P1) CAD/Mobile product from the existing Premier CAD (PCAD) system. The CAD (computer-aided dispatch) system allows critical incident and records information to be electronically transferred from the PSAP to first responders in the field. Implementation of the P1 system will address the end-of-life concerns with the current PCAD system while improving the flexibility and functionality required by public safety users. Provisioning of the system is currently ongoing with “go live” scheduled to occur by first quarter 2014.